Managing Workplace Relationships

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Managing Workplace Relationships

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “solitary confinement is the harshest punishment”? Whether you agree or disagree with this phrase — the reason why people say this is a result of an understood fact. Human beings are naturally social creatures, who require interaction with others. Just as the inherent need for food, shelter, and water — Humans equally need to feel a sense of belonging.

Positive social interaction is necessary for all humans in all aspects, especially in your work environment. Unfortunately, many workplace relationships are mismanaged, hostile, or simply uncomfortable to form.

However, investing energy into coworkers and superiors will likely result in a more productive work environment. In addition to happier and healthier work environments, good relationships with superiors are often vital for earning promotions or developing a secure professional circle.

But, how does a positive workplace relationship look?


According to MindTools, healthy workplace relationships are composed of five characteristics:

  1. Trust – Instead of wasting precious time worrying that your coworkers will sabotage you, build relationships founded on trust. When you trust the people you work with and when they trust you, you will see a more efficient work process evolve and less time wasted on watching your back.
  2. Mutual Respect – A company is made of several components. If one component goes “out of whack” the entire company is thrown off. It’s important that you realize your role in the grand scheme of things. Being a team player means everyone’s, including your own, input and ideas are respected.
  3. Mindfulness – Being mindful means thinking before speaking and acting. When employees are impulsive in the workplace, tensions rise. Be mindful before acting or reacting.
  4. Welcoming Diversity – Employees with strong workplace relationships tend to not only respect diversity, but they also “welcome it.” Paying attention to the opinions and beliefs of others provides you with more perspectives on the ways in the world. Not to mention, it creates a sense of acceptance among all involved.
  5. Open Communication – At work, the clearer and more honest (but still respectful) communication you partake in, “the richer your relationships will be.”

Incorporating these 5 simple changes into your workplace are a solid first step to developing deeper, more efficient workplace relationships.

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