Mentor Match-Up Program

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Mentor Match-Up Program

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Acadiana Training & Development launched its mentor match-up program at the Women’s Leadership Conference at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. With great success, more than 30 women will either become a mentor, find a mentor, or both.

A commonly asked and misunderstood question was, “What are the qualifications a mentor must possess?”

The bottom line is that if you’re experienced in a field or skill, you are, in fact, qualified to mentor. As defined by Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. If you can passionately guide others in a particular professional skill, you will do wonders mentoring.

Another misunderstanding was many of the college students saying they are too young to mentor; however, many college students are highly proficient in a variety of categories, like technology. Being well-adapted to technology, being able to teach someone how to efficiently utilize technology, and also having in-depth experience with technology qualifies an individual to mentor others in that field.

The academic experience is not the only desirable trait a mentor should have. Life experience is just as valuable in some fields of mentoring.  There are endless opportunities for growth.

How do I know I need a mentor?

A mentor isn’t meant to be a professional coach or counselor. A mentor should be a person willing to extend a helping hand to an individual striving to become more marketable and well-rounded.

If you find yourself needing inspiration and someone to professionally look up to, a mentor is a great place to start. Mentors are guides and a valuable tool. Utilize their knowledge in our Mentor Match-Up Program.

Find a mentor who fits your needs or become a mentor to someone growing in your area of experience and knowledge.

Are you interested in finding or becoming a mentor?

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