Is your company in need of professional development and training?

Acadiana Training & Development Center provides comprehensive services including needs assessment, tailored training, and coaching.

Our goal is to help improve performance and efficiency within your organization by guiding employees to think differently about and take ownership of their roles.



Training and Development

Acadiana Training & Development offers professional development and training to organizations looking to hit the reset button. Our goal is to improve performance, efficiency, and morale within your organization by helping employees to think differently about and own their roles.

Ready to improve the culture at work?

We help reboot an engrained or stuck way of thinking that is limiting your company’s potential and the potential of its people by bringing the basics back to the forefront of how people think about working in general and their specific jobs.

Example Areas of Focus




Chain of Command

Owning Your Role

Transitioning to Management Role


Business Consulting

We offer tailored programs to create successful management and processes for businesses and organizations.

Is a challenging employee in need of a wake-up call about their performance?

Let ATD guide you in creating an individualized Performance Improvement Plan that outlines what is expected of the employee, the support available to empower them to succeed, and what they can expect if they choose not to make changes.

Acadiana Training and Development offers:

Needs Assessments

Assessments of gaps and improvement areas of your business

Effective training plans based on your needs


Professional Coaching

Supervisor and management roles are often a part of employees’ professional development evolution. While emerging leaders have potential to own leadership roles, they may not have the skills necessary to be effective supervisors or managers.

Professional Coaching for Individuals or Groups

Acadiana Training & Development offers Professional Coaching for individuals or groups looking to own their roles and realize their leadership potential.

Dr. Mire, Certified Professional Coach, serves as a thought partner to clarify and meet goals through support and accountability. She delivers goal-oriented coaching to aid individuals in growing valuable communication and supervision skills that will result in a stronger employee – thus a stronger organization. All coaching is goal driven.

We will help you clarify and accomplish professional goals, develop leadership skills, and provide support and accountability to help you grow professionally.

Acadiana Training & Development can you guide you in developing your new and current positions by arming you with the knowledge and skills to help you thrive in that position. Dr. Mire works with current and emerging leaders.

Focus Areas:

Transition from one role to another

Becoming the leader you want to be

From manager to leader




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