Professional Coaching

Supervisor and management roles are often a part of employees’ professional development evolution. While emerging leaders have potential to own leadership roles, they may not have the skills necessary to be effective supervisors or managers.

Acadiana Training & Development offers Professional Coaching for individuals or groups looking to own their roles and realize their leadership potential. Dr. Mire, Certified Professional Coach, serves as a thought partner to clarify and meet goals through support and accountability. She delivers goal-oriented coaching to aid individuals in growing valuable communication and supervision skills that will result in a stronger employee – thus a stronger organization. All coaching is goal driven.

We will help you clarify and accomplish professional goals, develop leadership skills, and provide support and accountability to help you grow professionally.

Acadiana Training & Development can you guide you in developing your new and current positions by arming you with the knowledge and skills to help you thrive in that position. Dr. Mire works with current and emerging leaders.

Focus Areas:

  • Transition from one role to another
  • Becoming the leader you want to be
  • From manager to leader


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